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We mainly deal with products made by Japanese manufacturers

Yanmar, Iseki, Kubota, Mitsubishi, Hinomoto, Shibaura, Satoh, Suzue, Morooka

Wide range of models

Yanmar: YM, F, FF, FX, AF Iseki: TX, TU, TS, TL, TA, TG, TF Kubota: A, B, B1, L, L1, GL Mitsubishi: D, MT Hinomoto: E, C, N, NX Shibaura: SD, SL, SU, SP, P, D Satoh: ST Suzue: M Morooka: MK

Maintenance, washing, and reconditioning

While products are generally sold "as is," they are given an appraisal before purchase as well as a pre-warehousing inspection. Issues that can be resolved by minor repairs are fixed before sale.
When required, we can also give products a high-pressure wash to meet local import regulations.


Products manufactured to demanding Japanese standards under a thorough quality control system

When it comes to reconditioned tractors, quality is essential.
At Ibero Vietnam, Japan-trained engineers enforce a strict quality control system.

Products arrive at Ibero Vietnam

After undergoing a quality check in Japan, products ready for reconditioning arrive at Ibero Vietnam.


On arrival, products are first given a thorough wash.
After washing, they are sent to the sheet metal, painting, and engineering departments.

Part repair and replacement

Products are disassembled, and individual parts are checked according to strict criteria.
Work then begins on parts that need repair or replacing.

Part assembly

After reconditioning, parts are carefully reassembled.

Final check

All check processes are conducted by teams who work in shifts according to a strict schedule to ensure that our customers only receive top quality products.


The completed tractors await shipment.

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